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Michele Lupowitz

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“As a history major, I always valued the historical significance of photography–the ability of the camera to capture that nanosecond in time when things are the way they are, and they will never be exactly that way again.”

            Michele Lupowitz


After a lifetime of eclectic experiences, from teaching high school to running a custom ceramic tile business, Michele has found her next niche.

Living in New Mexico, surrounded by a personally embracing light and a spectacular landscape, Michele slowly honed her skills with her Pentax and her eye.  Sent to Turkey in 2005 on a Fulbright grant to teach English as a Foreign Language, Michele switched from film to digital photography, carrying her camera with her always.

“The culturally exotic yet familiar meet in Istanbul.  How could I not fall in love?  The art, culture, and history of Europe, the Middle East, and the Orient all meet here.  Walking through the city, indeed the entire country, is like a historical, cultural feast.  The people are so vital, busy enjoying the fulness of life.  There was hardly a day I did not take my camera out to snap a photo of spectacular architecture, mammoth floating ships, a cheerfully posing person, or some surprising wildlife leaping from the waters of the Bosphorus.

This is where I became a photo essayist, trying to capture the essence of a people and place which so enchanted me, hoping the images would translate effectively to my family and friends back home.”

From this comes Michele’s unique brand of cultural photography, a rich blend of beautiful, meaningful, and historical.


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